• Games are an hour, maybe a tick longer. The first new inning after 50 minutes of play is announced as the last.


  • The league is a mixed competition. Each team must have a minimum of 3 women
  • If there is not 3 women on a team, the opposing team will be given 1 bonus run per inning. This stacks up, for example if a team has no women the opposing team will receive 3 bonus runs per inning for the entire game. 
  • Each team must be able to field at least 6 players in order to play. If a team is lacking the required number, they may borrow players from the opposing team.
  • A team may field a maximum of 11 players on defence at one time.


  • The winner of each game will be determined by the team who has the most total runs at the end of scheduled time.
  • A run is scored when a player on the kicking team crosses home plate.
  • An inning will end when three outs are made or 6 runs are scored.
  • 8 runs can be scored in the last inning (the first new inning after 50 minutes of play).
  • Umpires will be responsible for keeping score of each game.


  • 3 points will be awarded to the winning team.
  • 1 point will be awarded to each team if the game is draw.
  • -1 point for a forfeit


  • An attempt must be made to kick the ball more than 10m - No taps or bunts
  • All players must kick in the order provided by the Team Captain. 
  • At the beginning of a new inning the order will resume from the place where the last out was recorded in the previous inning. Example: If the 5th kicker in the order was the last out; the next inning will begin with the kicker in the 6th spot.
  • A home run will be recorded when a kicked ball clears the home run fence in the air. If the ball bounces over or rolls through the fence, the kicker will automatically advance to 2nd base.
  • Players cannot run triples or in the park home runs (you can kick a double and reach 3rd on an overthrow though). 


  • No sliding. 
  • A runner may not leave their base until the kicker makes contact with the ball. 
  • It is the base runners duty to avoid contact with fielders on the base paths. 
  • If a runner does not make an attempt to avoid contact with the fielding player, the runner will be called out.
  • With less than 2 out, if a fly ball is kicked and caught by a fielding player all base runners must return and touch the base previously occupied before advancing.


  • The defensive pitcher must roll the ball at a speed deemed kickable by the umpire. 
  • If a pitcher continues to disregard pitching rules he/she may be replaced at the discretion of the umpire. 


  • An out can be made in the following ways: 

-   The kicker kicks 3 fouls
-   A kicked ball is caught in the air
-   The ball is thrown to a base before the runner reaches.
-   A base runner is hit by the ball in between the basepaths

  • Other than the pitcher, no fielder is allowed within the diamond before the pitch is rolled.